June 18, 2018

Costa Rica


Though relatively small in size, Costa Rica is home to one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world.  Encompassing 6 birding zones and numerous micro-ecosystems, Costa Rican birds and wildlife are virtually on display in their natural habitat. In fact, it’s possible to see more wildlife in one day in Costa Rica than during a whole Amazon experience. Costa Rica is home to 921 species of birds, 432 amphibians and reptiles and more than 250 mammals, so whether in cloud forest, humid Caribbean lowlands, arid mountain peaks, dry Pacific forests, mangroves, or coral reefs, wildlife is highly accessible to visitors. The country’s natural wealth is no accident. In the mid-20th century, Costa Rican leadership realized the importance of conservation for the future of the nation. Today, 27 percent of Costa Rica has been officially designated as protected land, and rather than devoting resources to developing a military, Costa Rican officials instead chose to build educational and social security programs. Despite the ensuing growth of tourism, the country remains peaceful, friendly, and open. Costa Ricans continue to exude appreciation and joy for the many treasures of their country. Discover with us the best locations for biding and wildlife sights of the country.